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There Goes I...

Archive of people with known drug/alcohol problems. Some are my recovery hero's... some did not win the battle... but for the grace of God, there goes I


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George Jones

Country Music Icon


George Jones, "The Possum" or "No Show Jones" for regularly failing to show up at his sold out concerts, the stories are legendary. He once drove a riding lawn mower 10 miles into Nashville to a bar after his then wife singer Tammy Wynette hid the car keys from him. On another occasion, police found Jones in a stupor in a Cadillac that was littered with whiskey bottles, empty sardine cans, and a life-size cardboard figure of Hank Williams, Sr., sitting next to him. He supposedly had cleaned up his act for several years but in 1999 had a bad car accident that nearly killed him. The police found a half empty bottle of vodka under the seat. Now at age 75 George claims to be sober. I hope its true. Click here to read about country music's legendary George Jones. 


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Rock/Blues Music Icon

Texas blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helecopter crash Aug. 27, 1990 at age 35. He was about 2 years clean and sober at the time. During the mid 1980's Stevie was battling alcoholism and drug addiction. Thank God he had a place to go. Today there continues to be a Stevie Ray Vaughan Award given to artist who have tackled their demons and given back to the community. The first recipient was Eric Clapton. Others that have been given the award include David Crosby and most recently James Hetfield. Click here to read where Stevie is talking about his addiction and working the program or to read more about Stevie Ray Vaughan click here. Stevie's last album was "In Step" with the hits "Wall of Denial" and Walking The "Tightrope". Sound familiar?  


John Belushi

Actor, Comedian & Musician

Actor Comedian John Belushi's flame was extinguished way to fast after giving us only a small taste of his immense talent. In 1978, on the eve of his 30th birthday, Belushi had the No. 1 movie with "Animal House," the No. 1 record (with partner Dan Aykroyd), "Briefcase Full of Blues" and was the prime centerpiece performer of Saturday Night Live. He gave us great characters such as Jake Elwood from The Blues Brothers and Bruto from Animal House and many laughs on SNL as the singer for The Killer Bees, The Samurai Deli Guy and a funny impersonation of Joe Cocker. On March 5, 1982 John died of a cocaine/herion overdose. 25 years since his death isn't enought time to ease the grief or erase the laughter. Click here or here to read more about the genius of John Belushi.


Dave Harm

Recovery Author and Poet

Dave's very popular poem "I'm Tired" put to video

Recovery author and poet Dave Harm followed his addictions to drugs and alcohol to lows that few make it out of alive. He hit bottom only to find a shovel and started digging. Dave was homeless and suicidal. Life was not good for him or anyone that loved him. Through a little court initiated guidance and a moment of clarity Dave found the courage and power to get real with himself. Dave got clean and sober. God not only showed him a new way to live life without drugs and alcohol but also revealed to him a purpose. A calling to touch others through his writings. Determined to be a man of action in recovery, Dave began to write. His first book Damaged Merchandise is an inspirational book of poems and short stories of what his life was like and what it is like now. His other book War Zone is the prequel to Damaged Merchandise. War Zone is related to most by those in recovery. It tells of Dave's frustrations during his first two years of sobriety. Dave is currently working on his third book. Dave Harm also has many poems and short stories. His material can be found at various websites including Authors Den and his own website Dave publishes a monthly newsletter. Just e-mail him and ask to be added to the list. Among many recognitions, Dave was bestowed with the title of United States Poetry Ambassador for 2006. Dave Harm is a living example what happens when we live a life of action and purpose. There is no telling where one will be led if we are just willing.


Faron Young



Faron Young was ranked on Billboard as one of the top 20 most successful artist of all time (through 1993). With a total of 41 top 10 hits including "Hello Walls" and "Live Fast, Love Hard, DieYoung (And Leave A Beautiful Memory)." Faron liked to party and drink hard liquor. Faron became an alcoholic and is famously quoted as saying "I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a drunk." By 1996 Faron had alienated his family and withdrawn from most of his friends. He turned down invitations and refused to return telephone calls. On Dec. 10, 1996 Faron put a bullet in his brain. Alcoholism is deadly untreated. Click here or here to read about Faron. Here is a link to "The Sheriff" sang "Live Fast, Love Hard and Die Young " and our video of him singing "Hello Walls". God be with Faron Young.



Shannon Hoon



Shannon Hoon was lead singer for Blind Melon. Their first album went triple platnum and had a #1 hit "No Rain". On the day that Nirvana's Kurt Cobain died, lead singer Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon appeared on the "Late Show" with a question mark painted on his head to symbolize the uncertainty of life. A little over a year later at the zenith of the bands success, in a cruelly ironic example of that uncertainty, Shannon died from a heroin overdose. We will miss you Shannon and never know the full talent. Click here or here to read more about Shanon. Here is Shanon singing "No Rain "on MTV's Unplugged. Click here to see him singing the same song one month before he died. He looks terrible, the song is wrong and misses the good vibe. God be with you Shanon... my brother in addiction

Craig Ferguson

Actor, Alcoholic & TV Show Host



Actor and late night TV talk show host Craig Ferguson is a man of conviction. In an unbelievable TV moment Craig showed amazing courage and candor as he talked openly about his alcoholism. In an uncharacterist monologue Craig shared his story after celebrating his 15th year of sobriety. Craig did a wonderful job discussing various aspects of alcoholism, recovery and spotlighted where to find help. I am proud of his life in recovery and amazed at his courage to tell his story to millions on TV. Take the time to watch this video... it is long and it also takes a few minutes before he starts telling his story but it is very touching and is a must see. Way to go Craig. You are Clean and Sober Not Dead's Recovery Hero.

Click here to read more about Craig Ferguson or join his fan club .



Judy Garland

Actress & Singer


Judy Garland was one of America's most famous child stars. The yellow brick road led to torment, despair and loneliness. Garland sought refuge in alcohol, prescription sedatives, and stimulants. There were, however, short periods in her life when she attempted to get "clean and sober," but she was never able to stay off the drugs and alcohol. Garland spent her life struggling to overcome many personal problems, including addiction, to no avail. Judy died of an accidental overdose of barbituates on June 22, 1969 at age 47. Alcoholism and addiction does not discriminate. Anyone can fall to this deadly disease. God be with Judy Garland who will always be in our heart and memories as "Dorothy" in The Wizard of Oz.


Robert Downey Jr's best and worst moments have been in the public eye. Downey Jr. served time behind bars for drug offences in the 1990s. He was last arrested in 2001 while he was starring in the TV sitcome comedy Ally MCBeal. After years of a what seemed like a nightly news event on his battle with alcohol and drug addiction, Downey seems to be making it clean and sober. In fact, he claims to be over 5 years clean and sober. The actor, 41, admits he still needs help, and relies on a huge support network. Downey states "How much support do I need? Uh, tons?" Robert also states that he is still stopped by police officers to this date just to see if he has returned to the old Downey Jr. that they remember. After a long, hard journey, Robert Downey Jr. states "life is great". He is finally getting headlines as one of our generation’s most brilliant actors. Robert got an Oscar nomination in 1993 for "Chaplin" and will soon have a book released on his life story. In an upcoming movie Downey Jr. will portray a crime fighter in the Marvel comic book movie "Iron Man" co-starring Gwynth Paltrow. It sounds like Robert has finally overcome his personal demons and is living the joy of a new found life. There is nothing more enjoyed and appreciated after living in hell and not knowin how to get out. Way to go Robert... Keep it up "One day at a time"!

Click here to read more about Robert's upcoming movie "Iron Man" and his new life.



Amy Winehouse



Amy Winehouse - Rehab (I love this girl. She may say "No,No,No" to rehab on this song but she did just check herself in rehab... well in and out a day later and then back in). This girl is a train wreck. We will just have to keep Amy in our God box and hope she finds a new way of living life...clean and sober NOT DEAD! Update... we lost Amy today at age 27... RIP

Megan Harper

Video Girl


Meagan Harper, 30, had an amazing .55 blood alcohol content when she was arrested Dec. 27, 2007. That is 7 times Oregon's legal limit of .08. Years before she became famous for her alcohol intake, a teenage Harper starred in the video for "Rock My World (Little County Girl)," by Brooks & Dunn. Ms. Harper has several prior DUI arrests and at the time of this writing she is currently held at Clackamas County jail on $50,000 bail. Alcoholism is cunning, baffling and powerful. We can relate and have a chair for you at AA.
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