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Money Making Diversions

What is better than making a little money while surfing the net ? Find all the money making sites here.



Halloween Costume Contest - Win $100 just for submitting your photo. Also enter the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest and win $100. - Win cash prizes in this American Idol type online talent search. Free to enter and open to all ages. - Trade-in your old video games, movies, or CDs for stuff that you actually want. Open to all ages, no credit card needed. - Win $100 for posting how you got fired from a job.
 - Win $100 for sharing your iPod song list with your friends online. This site will automatically import your iTunes playlist and create a free page for you listing all your songs. You can also use song lists from Winamp, Windows Media Player, & other music programs.

Earn Cash Online - Get paid to read emails, play video games, sign up for online offers, and fill out surveys. - Dig for gold and win up to $25 cash. Free to enter, open to all ages.

Mystery Photo Game - View a photo of a small part of an item and try to guess what the item is. All correct guesses are entered to win $10 each week. - Win money by answering trivia questions. Free to enter and open to all ages. - A free game where you bet fake money on the outcome of current events like "will Hillary Clinton become President" or "will Britney Spears win an Oscar"? The top 3 players win real cash prizes. Must be age 13+ to win. - Do you make posts to forums, newsgroups, or online communities? If so, make money by selling the ad space in your signature line. No listing fees or commisssions. Open to all ages. - A free virtual stock market game where you buy and sell stocks using pretend money. The player who's stocks go up the most will win a $100 cash prize (in real money). Must be age 13+ to win. - A free online role playing game (RPG) where you can win a $100 cash prize if you get the highest score. The objective is to get your friends to click your special link. Each click you receive builds up your score. You can also attack other users to steal their money, and you can purchase offensive/defensive items with your game cash. No age restrictions.

Survey Club - Get paid to take surveys online.

Treasure Trooper - Get paid to sign up for online offers, many of which are free to join. You also get rewarded with virtual gold coins and other treasures that can be redeemed for fun goodies including pieces of the Treasure Map. In addition, you get 20% of the money that anybody you refer to the site makes, plus an additional 5% of your friends' friends' profits.

E-Poll - Take online surveys and win free prizes: CD's, movies, video games, gift certificates and more. The more surveys you take, the more prizes you win. Must be 13 years of age or older. - Free stuff for teens: video games, cd's, magazines, contests, beauty products, posters, and more. Only lists free offers that don't have minimum age requirements.

Are You or Your Family Owed Unclaimed Money? - You may be owed unclaimed money by the government. Search the database of over 11 million names for FREE to see if you name is on the list. This money can come from such sources as old bank accounts, wills, insurance, tax refunds, and previous employers.

Movie Surveys - Get Paid for Your Opinions. Click Here to earn CASH for completing surveys online.

Get Rich Online - Dozens of free tools that you can use to create and run your own website. Sell stuff online or make a site with interesting content and sell ads on it.




Search Cactus - A search engine where you get paid for each search you do. Must be at least 13 years old and a U.S. resident. f

Win Up To $10,000 for taking surveys online.

Make Money Surfing The Web - pays you up to $500 cash instantly for signing up for free offers, searching the web, shopping online, and more. They have paid out over 9 million dollars so far. You must be 13 years of age or older to participate.

Do you want an extra $1,000? - The NPD Group is a top-ten marketing research company and we are looking for people just like YOU. If you're interested in answering online surveys, and would like the chance to win CASH this is a great opportunity for you! This offer expires soon, so join today! - Win cash and prizes by playing video games against other players live online. Play for free with no money required or deposit money to compete for a cash and prizes such as CD Players, DVD Players, cordless phones, printers, and Amazon gift certificates.

American Consumer Opinion - Panel members receive cash, gifts, and/or free products whenever they are selected to participate in a survey. No age restrictions.

























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