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Music Diversions

Do you enjoy a good tune or enjoy watching a music video? Find all the fun & quirky music sites here.



Meet da' Out Of Bodies! - Hear the OOB's sing. They might not be the beatles but I don't care. Just as if they were in the kitchen singing just to you. - An interesting site where you use your spacebar to tap the tune of a song, and the computer will tell you which song you are tapping. - Trade-in your old music compact discs for other things like DVD's and video games. - Enjoy watching video clips of memorable dances such as The Moonwalk, Moshing, Napoleon Dynamite, The Hustle, Elaine from Seinfeld, The Macarana, Breakdancing, William Hung to name a few. - Share your MP3 playlist with your family and friends online. This site will import your playlist and make a page for you listing all your songs. You can also use song lists from Winamp, iPOD, Windows Media Player, & other music programs. - This hockey website features all the humourous NHL parody songs including Shut the Puck Up and Do it for the game.
 - Do you know what song actually say? Lets you try to guess the song lyrics.

Online Karaoke - Great karaoke online. Over 500 songs to choose from including The Beatles, Queen, AC/DC. - Send hip-hop eGreetings for free that you can personalize. The cards will actually say the name of your recipient in the song.

The Lonesome Wizard Boys - The Lonesome Wizard Boys, Tom Hale and Hotrod, are just some good ol’ boys, discussing the deeper meanings in life while putting there 2 cents on life in general. Expect getting a little change back. - At this site you try to become a Superstar by becoming the lead singer of a virtual band. Become a good manager, sell albums and you could be on your way to win real cash (up to $100) by making it big in the music business.

Song Facts - Have you ever wondered what the meaning of song lyrics were? This site offers insight into thousands of songs. You can evenor give you own thoughts about a song.

Break In The Road - Go around the city and collect different sounds to create your own music. Once you have a song then test your creation at the local club. Hope they have screen in front of the stage! - A list of humorous real country music song titles. Too funny!

Ed Pickford Songs - Funny songs and monologues - Want to sing the blues? This site gives funny instructions on how to sing the blues with authority. - Watch music videos for free online, courtesy of the major record labels. Thousands to choose from: Gnarles Barkley, Eminem, Blink 182, Blue Octoberl and more. - Create your own rock band and hear your music online. - Hear only the best funny song parodies at this site featuring popular songs and artists.
 - Watch funny music video parodies of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Eminem, Metallica, Backstreet Boys and lots of others. - Upload a voice or song recording and this site will play it backwards online. Determine if it contains any hidden subliminal messages or listen for amusement. - View thousands of album covers and CDs.

Rapper Wars - At this site you can play an online role playing game where you can win cash prizes. Join one of 4 rap crews: 50 Cent, Eminem, The Game or Snoop Dogg. Throw it down against other rappers.

Song Lyrics - Find the lyrics to thousands of songs. For more song lyrics try these: SongLyrics and

MIDI Songs- Hear MIDI versions of song hits from many different popular artists. More MIDI's are here: Ifni MIDI Music.

Dancing Pages - Watch dancing ducks, celebrities, and others bust a move at this site.

Pop culture Madness - This site tells you the best and worst songs of all time.

PianoGraphique - Create funky music using your keyboard at this site. Talent optional.

Music Mini - This site will play 3 audio clips, you then try to name the rock groups that sing each song. Each correct answer will earn you points. Play online against others.

All Music - A huge music database listing 500,000 albums, tons of album reviews, album covers, individual tracks, artist biographies and photos.

Artist Launch - Discover new artists and bans heres.

Promosquad - Evaluate new music, artists and bands and you will get free stuff.

Artist Direct - Want to know the official sites for your favorite artists and band. This site has them all.

MTV - At you can view music videos and interact with other peeps.

Misheard Lyrics - Have you ever heard a song say something that it really doesn't say? This site has all of the wrong lyrics along with what the songs really say.

Songs Banned By USA - An archive of music that has been censored or banned in the US.

Rock Toons - This site has cartoon images of your favorte bands and artists

Yahoo Music - Everything about music from listening, watching, reading about, and even interacting with your favorite artists.




IUMA - Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, and other talent. Tons of MP3 music files to download for free.

























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