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Offbeat Diversions
Do you enjoy all the diversity of the internet? You can find all the offbeat & different sites here.



Ask Boz - Real Questions;Weird Answers - Since the late 1800's, Ask Boz has been the #7 website for absurd and useless advice. - Listen to wacky 911 emergency phone calls online. The first page of this site has serious calls, but the rest of the pages are crazy calls. - Photos of the most unusual, creative, wild, and unique cakes that we could find from bakeries Worldwide. - Create a free virtual memorial for a pet that has died.

The Three Nuns - The Three Nuns will save that wobbly arse of yours from the flames of eternal damnation. - Strange, amazing, and funny animal photos. See rare animals, ugly looking animals, exotic animals, pets doing silly things, and more. - If you were to dig a hole from where you are standing through the center of the Earth, where would you end up?

Way Out Auctions - Covering All The Strange, Weird, Wild & Wooly Auctions Going On At eBay - A list of weirdest and funniest eBay auctions, updated daily.

Chris and - Fun and humor with a healthy dose of sarcasm. - Hear about the dispute over Global Warming.

Judge My Lunch - View photos of peoples' lunches and vote to eat it or delete it. - A list of internet hoaxes - email chain letters, fake computer virusus, urban myths, giveaways, & more.

Rune Casts - Get your fortune read from a virtual fortune teller.

Absolutely the Most Neglected Site on the Web - Just like the name says, this site it proud of its distinction as the "Most Neglected Site on the Web." It's never updated. NEVER. No matter what. - Weird news stories from around the world. - A list of hundreds of euphemisms for death and dying. - Get a free numerology report telling you your future.

The Bureau of Missing Socks - Devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.




Ultimate Martha Stewart Collection - Candid Martha Stewart as rarely seen publically!

Roadside America - A travel guide to thousands of unusual tourist attractions.

Real Secrets - Find out peoples' hidden, strange, and sometimes funny secrets.

I Used To Believe - A collection of unusual things adults though were true when they were a kid. - Once upon a time in the town of Flushing Rapids lived a dewd named Dewdboy. Known for his outfit that included a santa hat, devo suit, glasses and black mustache, Dewdboy worked as a forklift driver for Purkeypile & skidmore toilet paper factory.

National Enquirer - Red the famous tabloid online.

All Your Base - A strange Flash video that has become an Internet phenomenon.

McDonald's Employee Simulator - A day in the life of a McDonald's worker.

Mullet Junky - See photos and facts about people with this type of haircut, or go in search of mullets yourself.

News of the Weird - News of the Weird is the longest-running, most widely-read bizarre-but-all-true news feature in the United States. - Find out funny and handy strange uses for common brand-name products.

Weekly World News - Strange news stories from around the world.

The Onion - One of the most popular news satire sites on the net. Always good for a laugh.

Wolf Files - Buck Wolf's column for ABC news is always odd and funny. Published weekly.

Strange Mag - Stories about strange phenomena and just plain scary stuff. Articles are well written.

























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