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Our Recovery Heroes

Everyone has a Recovery Hero that has made a difference in their sobriety or knows someone who goes that extra mile to help others. They can either be people well known or that special someone that always ensures we have a fresh cup of coffee at the meeting. If you know someone that you would like to nominate please e-mail us here and tell us about them. We will keep all persons anonymous unless they have chosen to go public about their story as have the famous people listed below have done in various interviews with the press. Please see our anonymity policy. The award winner will get featured on "Clean and Sober Not Dead" by their first name only with no identifying remarks in the writeup - totally anonymous. In return, we get to share their story to those who still suffer and/or inspire those of us in the program to strive towards reaching our full potential in helping others.

Award Criteria: 1) be clean and sober 2) help others

Click here to see an example of the award certificate given

Clean and Sober Not Dead Recovery Hero

Award Recipients

  Fitz M. (Book Keeper) Click Here
  Hank P. (The Unbeliever) Click Here
  Dr. Bob (Physician) Click here to go to his website
  Eric Clapton (Musian) Click Here
  Bill Dotson (AA Member #3) Click here
  Lois Wilson (Angel) Click Here
  Henrietta Seiberling (Introduced Bill to Bob) Click here
  Dr. Silkworth (Bill's Physician) click here
  Harold Hughes (Politician) click here
  Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) click here
  President George W. Bush (Politician) click here
  Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian) click here
  Lizzie & Randy (Newcomers) click here
  Dick B.(Author/Historian) click here
  Mary Christine (Blogger) click here
  Craig Ferguson (Actor/Talk Show Host) click here
  Stevie Ray Vaughan (Musician) click here
  Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor) click here
  Ann Richards (Governor) click here
  Joe Walsh (Musician) Click here
  Dave Harm (Author) click here
  Betty Ford (First Lady) click here
  David Crosby (Musician) click here
  Chuck Negron (Musician) click here
  Bill Wilson (Stock Broker) click here to visit his website
All recipients have writeups telling a little of their story


Anonymity Policy: It is the policy of this award to keep the winners anonymous. No identifying remarks, pictures, locations or names will ever be used that might lead to the identity of the award winner. In fact, no clue will be given even where upon research the winners identity might be disclosed. In the event that someone chooses to be identified there are certain steps we will take to ensure that this is their choosing. If the person is famous and has openly talked about their alcoholism/addiction to the press breaking their own anonymity we will consider it ok to report what we have read and is public information.

If the winner of this award is a private individual and we are told that they choose to be identified by a picture, location and/or last name then this must be verified with that person. This will only be done by the following way.

To verify identity we will call the said person and ensure that they have agreed to our write up and make sure that it is ok to break their anonymity. We will only call a listed phone number with the winners correct name listed in the phone book. We will also make one additional step of our choosing to verify identity before we will publish someones identity. This is to ensure individuals who choose to stay anonymous are allowed to keep their anonymity.












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