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Sports Diversions

Sports, Sports, Sports. Is there anything else ? Find all the fun & quirky sports sites here.



Watch SuperBowl Commercials - View the most talked about ads from the most recent SuperBowl and SuperBowls of years past.

Free Sports Game - Think you know sports? Pick the winners of baseball, football, basketball, or hockey games and win prizes like an iPod or portable DVD player. No real bets are placed and it is totally free, so it is open to ages 13+. - Humorous baseball one-liners. Everything from "Who's Your Daddy" to "Betty Crocker makes a better batter than you!" and more. - Watch thousands of free eXtreme action sports videos.
 - A directory of skateboarding parks nationwide, with photos. - News stories about athletes who get arrested or do something stupid. - Find out about skateboardings latest trick tips, events, and products. - extreme-sports oriented from ESPN, with music animation, games and more.

GravityGames - features top-level competition in BMX, skateboarding, freestyle motocross, street luge, and more.
 - includes photo gallery, how-to section, news, product reviews, and more.

Moto Cross Action Mag - dedicated to all aspects of motocross life. Get information on local racing, tracks and clubs.

CNN - Sports Illustrated - Sports news site from Sports Illustrated and CNN.

ESPN - Home of ESPN sports channel on the web. News, highlights, and much more can be found here.

The Streetluge Network - Message boards, photo galleries and instructions on how to build your very own street luge can be found on this site.

Surflink - Surfing site featuring the latest industry news as well as upcoming events.

Surfer Mag - Online version of surfer magazine.

ASP World Tour - Homepage for surfing's professional tour.

Snowboarding - The internet home of Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboard Life magazines.




WWE - Website for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Paintball - anything and everything to do with paintball.

























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