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Stupid Diversions

Can you waste an entire day doing nothing? Get a good start here with our fun & unique brain waste sites.
  - A huge of list of things to do when you are bored. - A funny animated movie about the various problems involved in using a public men's bathroom. - If you were to dig a hole from where you are standing all the way through the center of the Earth, where would you end up? - Pick a virtual booger and email it to a friend. - This Google-like search engine uses new technology that allows you to search peoples' minds for factual information.

Postal Experiments - A funny, real life scientific study that involved sending strange objects through the mail. - An amazing optical illusion. See it for yourself. - A list of thousands of ways to annoy people. - Real crimes committed by dumb criminals.
 - Hundreds of funny answering machine messages for you to use. - Dumb jokes, stupid dates, dumb videos, crazy stories, silly pranks, and other dumb stuff. - This site is hard to explain. See for yourself.

Stupid Videos - Hundreds of videos of people doing stupid stuff: pranks, accidents, funny animals, crazy stunts, etc. Like America's Funniest Home Videos but much better

The Legend of the Rocket Car - A long, fascinating, and possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car. You might also like this story: The Lawn Chair Pilot. - Take your photo online for free. Because of a new breakthrough in web technology, you can now take a picture of yourself using your computer monitor. No special equipment needed. - Movie names that sound like you are taking a poop. - Read about all the dumb things that people do. - Have a virtual staring contest with the computer.

The Darwin Awards - True stories of stupid things people do that got them killed.

Guinness Book Of World Records - Watch videos of people doing amazing things, read about record holders, or try to break a record yourself. - Create farts online. - Go to the bathroom online.
 - A warning about a new internet virus that can be transmitted from computers to humans, resulting in flu-like symptoms.

Not Fooling Anybody - a photographic chronical of bad restaurant and store conversions.

Spam Radio - Listen to spam emails streamed 24 hours a day over web radio. Why you ask? Because it could be done.

Urinal Photos - Pictures of urinals from locations Worldwide.

Pavement Gear - Photos of clothing found on highways and roads nationwide.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers - Photos of people who look like the famous singer.

Silly Survey - Just as the name says, a silly survey. Get interesting facts as you take this survey.

Gimme a Buck - Some guy that wants you to give him a dollar. Is he crazy? - Here you'll find Stupid Candy, Stupid Gifts, Stupid Jokes, and Stupid Games. And there are all kinds of hidden surprises throughout the site.

The Funny Farm - this page is a place where you can cast your worries aside for a moment and have a good, CLEAN, stress-relieving laugh. Now BEWARE, your co-workers or family or whoever is around are going to keep staring at you and wondering what the heck you are laughing about.

Gingerbread Menace - Stories about the killer GingerBred man. Includes victim’s stories as well.

The Stupid People Page - Every now and then we may say or do something idiotic, but there are people out there that just can't seem to say anything intelligent. This site is about those people.




Top 10 Stupidest Lists Collection - Lists include top 10 things to do with a newspaper. #4 was put it on the windowsill and discover the magic of fading. Only for the really bored.

Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity - A collection of questions asked of and responses to Technical Support technicians covering a wide variety of products, services, companies and inanities.

Blinker Fluid - The less we say about this one, the better.

























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