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Trivia & Quiz Diversions

Are you good at triva ? Maybe you are a quiz master. Find all the fun & quirky Trivia and Quiz sites here.
  - Hundreds of fun Flash animated quizzes that you can take online. - Create free quizzes online. - An online spelling test of commonly misspelled words. - An online game where the goal is to find famous locations on a map as fast as possible. - Over 1500 riddles and brain teasers for you to enjoy. - A well categorized database of over 50,000 quotes from famous people throughout history. For more famous quotes also try Famous Quotes. - A huge list of thousands of funny and interesting facts.

ESP Checker - Do you have ESP? Test your psychic ability by taking our ESP test online.

Personality Type Quiz - Take this short personality test online and find out your personality type.

Guess The Photo - View a blurred photo and try to guess what it is. - Create a free online quiz to see how well your friends and family really know you. You write the questions and then email them the quiz page. They will receive a grade based upon how many questions they answer correctly, and you will also see their score.

Am I Normal? - Answer fun questions on a variety of topics and see how your answers compare with the rest of the word. - Take short trivia quizzes or challenge other players to private trivia contests. The site has over 8000 trivia questions.
 - Create your own quizzes or take quizzes created by other users. - Win money by answering trivia questions. Free to enter and open to all ages. - Answer questions posted by users or ask a question of your own, and get entered to win cash and prizes.

Mystery Photo Game - View a photo of a small part of an item and try to guess what the item is. All correct guesses are entered to win $10 each week.

You Think - A survey site where you answer interesting and provocative questions and then can see how other people answer the same questions. - Hundreds of fun tests you can take online.




Urban Legends - Find out the truth about well known folklore stories (old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, and gossip).

How Stuff Works - Find out detailed information about exactly how things work.

Quiz Headquarters - See if you could hang with celebs, date rock stars, or become an American Idol.

Riddle Nut - Over 500 riddles for you to ponder.

Brain of Brian - Useless facts, funny philosophies, silly games, comical quotes, trivia contests, top 10 lists, madlibs, and more!

Useless Information - Over 60 strange but true stories, including photos from Life Magazine of Mike The Headless Chicken, who lived 18 months after his head was chopped off by his owner in the 1940's.

The Straight Dope - Find out true answers to many of life's most interesting questions.

Tests, Tests, Tests - Dozens of online test that you can take for free: personality, IQ, emotional states, career, stress, lifestyle, dating, and many others. - Brain teasers.

Are you a Freak? - Take this freak test to find out just how unique you really are!

Cool Quiz Trivia Network - Cool brain teasers. How well do you know movies, music, sports, tv, famous quotes etc. - This site offers loads of content and a variety of personality, intelligence and health-related tests.

Trivia Spot - A virtual trivia machine. Check out the cool brain graphic. - A world of non-stop trivia History, computers, Science, Music, Geography and more.

Fun Trivia - A trivia portal with 1000's of questions. You can also create your own games online.

Rubiks cube - Solve the classic Rubiks cube online.

Interactive Word Games - Anagrams, words in a word, crossword challenge, and more.

The Densa Quiz - a simple 12 question quiz to see how smart you are.

























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