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A Big Book Trivia of Some Missing Facts

This is a help to study the Big Book, to fill in some of the "missing facts," answering some questions. Have your big book open to check these out.

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28. - Page 149 - "The little company and the two employees"
29. - Page 154 - "Clergyman"
30. - Page 156 - "The head nurse they called"
31. - Page 156-157 - "The man on the bed"
32. - Page 158 - "Campaigns and speeches"
33. - Page 158 - "Devil may care young chap"
34. - Page 159 - "Who were the 'seven more'?"
35. - Page 160 - "One man and his wife place their house at AA's disposal"
36. - Page 161 - "The community is thirty miles away."
37. - Page 162 - "Well known hospital for treatment"
38. - Page 162 - "One of our member's was a patient there."
39. - Page 162 - "Dr. at the hospital"
40. - Page 162 - "Eastern City"
41. - Page 163 - "AA member living in large community"
42. - Page 163 - "Prominent Psychiatrist and his clinic"
43. - Page 163 - "Chief Psychiatrist of a large public hospital"

In Dr. Bob's Story
1. - Page 171 - "Small New England villiage"
2. - Page 172 - "One of the best colleges in the country"
3. - Page 173 - "One of the largest universities"
4. - Page 174 - "Another of the leading universities"
5. - Page 174 - "Western City"
6. - Page 175 - "Local Sanitariums where Bob committed himself"
7. - Page 175 - "Scylla and Charybdis"
8. - Page 175 - "Local hospital"
9. - Page 175 - "Dr. from Dr. Bob's hometown"
10. - Page 178 - "The crowd of people Dr Bob was thrown in with"
11. - Page 179 - "Lady who called on Anne S. Saturday"
12. - Page 179 - "The friend at whose home Dr. Bob woke up"



28. - Page 149 -- Bottom of page -- "The little company and the two employees"

Honor Dealers Company, Auto Polish Dealership. Jimmy B., whose story is "The Vicious Cycle", first appearing in the 2nd edition, and Bill W. co-founder of AA. Additional references in the story "The Vicious Cycle", 3rd edition on page 246 - 1st paragraph, 4th edition on page 227 - 1st paragraph.  Return

29. - Page 154 -- Bottom of page -- "Clergyman"

Reverend Walter F. Tunks, Rector at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Akron, Ohio.  Return

30. - Page 156 -- 3rd paragraph -- "The head nurse they called and the local hospital she worked at."

Mrs. Hall, admissions nurse at Akron City Hospital.  Return

31. - Page 156-157 -- Both pages -- "The man on the bed"

Bill D. from Kenmore, Ohio, Sobriety Date: June 26, 1935. AA member number three, the "Man On The Bed." Bill was a lawyer and the first to stay sober in AA without a slip.  Return

32. - Page 158 -- 3rd paragraph -- "Campaigns and speeches - How did he ever do?"

Bill D. ran for city councilman but lost the election.  Return

33. - Page 158 -- Bottom of page -- "Devil may care young chap"

Ernie G. was 30 years old. He later married Dr. Bob's daughter Sue against Bob's wishes. Sue liked Ernie, but he later turned out to be a less than likeable man. Ernie's story, "The Seven Month Slip" was in the First Edition of the Big Book

In Akron, there was another Ernie G. who got sober later and who was a very good AA member and much was written about him. Don't get these two Ernie G's mixed up in your history.  Return

34. - Page 159 -- Bottom of page -- "Who were the 'seven more'?"

Here is the list of the next 10 members. Note: Some of these had slips and came back right away. We are not certain who Bill counted or in what order. See Pioneers of A.A.

Ernie G. - Akron, 8/1935 (the Seven Month Slip)
Hank P. - New York, 9/1935 (The Unbeliever)
Phil S. - Akron, 9/1935 (the 1st AA court case)
Tom L. - Akron, 11/1935 (My Wife and I)
Fitz M. - New York, 11/1935 (Our Southern Friend)
Walter B. - Akron, 2/1936 (The Backslider)
Joe D. - Akron, 4/1936 (the European Drinker)
Myron "Jack" W. - New York, 4/1936 (Hindsight)
Paul S. - Akron, 7/1936 (Truth Freed Me)
J. D. H. - Akron, 9/1936  Return

35. - Page 160 -- 1st paragraph -- "One man and his wife place their house at AA's disposal"

T. Henry and Clarace Williams, 876 Palisades Drive, Akron, Ohio. T. Henry was an engineer at the company where Bill W. was waging a proxy battle to gain control of National Rubber Machinery in May of 1935. The company was founded in 1928 and located at 917 Swietzer Ave, Akron, Ohio. In 1942 they switched from making machinery for the rubber industry to machinery for the plastic industry.  Return

36. - Page 161 -- 1st paragraph -- "The community is thirty miles away."

Cleveland, Ohio  Return

37. - Page 162 -- Top of page -- "Well known hospital for treatment"

Charles B. Towns Hospital, 293 Central Park West, New York City, New York  Return

38. - Page 162 -- Top of page -- "One of our member's was a patient there."

Our co-founder Bill W.  Return

39. - Pahe 162 -- Top of page -- "Dr. at the hospital"

Dr. William Duncan Silkworth  Return

40. - Page 162 -- 1st paragraph -- "Eastern City"

New York City, New York  Return

41. - Page 163 -- 2nd paragraph -- "AA member living in large community"

Hank P., Montclair, New Jersey  Return

42. - Page 163 -- 2nd paragraph -- "Prominent Psychiatrist and his clinic"

Dr. Howard of Montclair, New Jersey  Return

43. - Page 163 --3rd paragraph -- "Chief Psychiatrist of a large public hospital"

Dr. Russel E. Blaisdell, Rockland State Hospital near Orangeburg, New York. He attended the Rockefeller Dinner on February 8, 1940.

In Dr. Bob's Story

1. - Page 171 -- 1st paragraph -- "Small New England villiage of about seven thousand souls"

St Johnsbury, Vermont  Return

2. - Page 172 -- 3rd paragraph -- "One of the best colleges in the country"

Dartmouth University from 1899-1902  Return

3. - Page 173 -- 1st paragraph -- "One of the largest universities in the country"

University of Michigan From 1905-1907  Return

4. - Page 174 --Top of page -- "Another of the leading universities"

Rush Medical University. Dr Bob graduated from Rush in 1910  Return

5. - Page 174 -- 3rd paragraph -- "Western City"

Akron, Ohio  Return

6. - Page 175 -- Top of page -- "Local Sanitariums where Bob committed himself"

Fair Oaks Villa, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio  Return

7. - Page 175 -- Top of page -- "Scylla and Charybdis" (Sil'la and ka-rib'dis)

Scylla is the name of a small finger of land on the Italian coast, which projects into the Strait of Messina, and sits opposite the Sicilian coast. In between is a very destructive whirlpool named Charybdis. The reference is often used to describe being in a life threatening situation. In the context used here, the statement is made as an analogy: "I was between Scylla" implies he was out in deep water "and Charybdis" implies if he went one way, he would die by drowning in the whirlpool. If he went the other way, he would die by being smashed up on the rocky coast.

When Ulysses tried to make his way through this narrow passageway, in the "The Odyssey" by Homer, Scylla, a female monster with twelve feet and six heads, managed to kill six of his sailors.

Shakespeare used this expression in his "Merchant of Venice"; "When I shun Scylla your father, I fall into Charybdis your mother."

Today we say things like "I was between a rock and a hard place" and "between the devil and the deep blue sea". Bill's reference has fallen from popular usage, but is occasionally used in academic circles.  Return

8. - Page 175 -- Top of page -- "Local hospital"

People's Hospital  Return

9. - Page 175 -- 1st paragraph -- "Dr. from Dr. Bob's hometown"

This occurred in 1914. The doctor was from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The doctor was able to get Dr. Bob back home to the house on Summer Street where he was born. He remained in bed for two months. It took another two months before he returned to Akron.  Return

10. - Page 178 -- 1st paragraph -- "The crowd of people Dr Bob was thrown in with"

The Oxford Group  Return

11. - Page 179 -- 1st paragraph -- "Lady who called on Anne S. Saturday afternoon on the day before Mothers Day"

Henrietta Seiberling  Return

12. - Page 179 -- Bottom of page -- "The friend at whose home Dr. Bob woke up"

Lilly. She was Dr Bob's receptionist in his medical practice in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and her husband's name was Everett.  Return


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