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Letters from Dick B.

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Subject: A Personal request for your further help on the Dr. Bob Core Library and St. Johnsbury Events this August

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008


Dear Clean And Sober Not

We have been very excited about the response of the whole St. Johnsbury Community and their willingness to feature the new Dr. Bob Core Library at North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, as part of their news releases about the August 9th kick-off of the new St. Johnsbury Historic Walking Tour (part of their annual Summerfest celebration) and the August 12th ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly-renovated Welcome Center (at which U.S. Senator Leahy will be present). You can find a brief description of the new Dr. Bob Core Library and details about the St. Johnsbury Historic Walking Tour on my main web site:


We would like to place copies our new book, Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous: His Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont, free-for-the-taking at several important spots in St. Johnsbury before, during, and even after the Summerfest events there. The places may include the Dr. Bob Core Library itself at North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, where Pastor Jay Sprout and Bob Swartz (the church archivist) have been great stewards. The St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (the town library) and the St. Johnsbury Academy (where Dr. Bob attended from 1894 to 1898) may also become available as locations to place our new book, as the Library Director and Assistant Library Director at the Athenaeum, and the archivist at the Academy, were very helpful and enthusiastic during the research trip my son and I took to Vermont in June of this year. We believe too that the Welcome Center and a couple of other important locations would be appropriate and may become available to place these books free for the taking..


All this so that anticipated visitors interested in recovery and/or in the history of St. Johnsbury--as well as those who write or phone there for information--will have something free and of real value to take home with them and use to “spread the word.” This is something that doesn’t happen at Stepping Stones, GSO, or Dr. Bob’s Home, and we think it will be a real inspiration for carrying the message (our primary purpose).


If you are able to give $315.28—by providing your credit card information by email (, by phone [(808) 874-4876], or by fax (808) 891-2540; or by sending a check for that amount made payable to “Dick B.”--we can place 20 copies of Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous at one or more appropriate locations in St. Johnsbury right away.


If you are able to give $287.59, we can place 15 copies of Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous in St. Johnsbury.


These are special prices to get the word out. They would even apply if you have need in your work. Please give us a ring and help.



Richard G. Burns, J.D. (Dick B.)

Post Office Box 837

Kihei, Maui , HI 96753-0837

(808) 874-4876


Got the new book? The Conversion of Bill W.:


Got the other new book? Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous    


Have you seen our new web site? Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous:


"Be a Part of Something Great":




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