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Letters from Dick B.

Dick B. is the world's primier AA Historian. Through his steadfast research of early AA manuscripts, personal interviews and the unfledging committment of a highly educated scholar Dick B. is unequaled. Dick B. has written hundreds of articles , AA history articles and has published 30 books. He has many audio talks and even 2 weekly radio broadcasts. Dick has many other jewels on his websites including a blog, galleries, recovery resources, images and photographs and his writings at Click here to read about our write-up on Dick B as our "Recovery Hero" for September 2007.

Dick B. writes many letters and emails to friends in recovery and The AA History Fellowship Group. These letters often contain great insight and valuable information concerning recovery and the history of AA. This is an archive of these letters.

08-03-2008 A Personal request for your further help on the Dr. Bob Core Library and St. Johnsbury Events this August.
07-17-2008 Big Book A.A. Basic Text Writing Refresher Part 1

Big Book A.A. Basic Text Writing Refresher Part 2

07-13-2008 Anne Ripley Smith Alcoholics Anonymous Refresher

Bible – Alcoholics Anonymous – Refresher


Oxford Group – Alcoholics Anonymous – Refresher









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