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Buzz Aldrin

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin has always been on a mission. He went to West Point right out of high school and served in the Korean War flying 66 combat missions. He is the founder of several aeronautical firms, has a PhD in astronautics and is an accomplished author. He is the inspiration behind the character "Buzz Lightyear" in the movie "Toy Story". Buzz made world history when he, along with Neil Armstrong, were the first and only human beings to ever step on the moon during the Apollo 11 space mission. This is the single greatest technological achievement of all time by the human race. Buzz Aldrin is a true American Hero. Buzz Aldrin is an alcoholic.

Buzz Aldrin admits to having a drinking problem, as he openly talks about his drinking days. Speaking of his famous Apollo 11 mission, Buzz stated he quit drinking a couple of days prior to lift off and quickly resumed upon return. In fact, upon his return Buzz's drinking really took off trying to chase another wild ride. For Buzz, alcohol was his refuge. No matter what Buzz accomplished as an asternaut ultimately alcohol showed no more respect for him than anybody else. Alcohol is cunning, powerful and baffling no matter how high you fly or whether you life is firmly planted on the couch.

After the Apollo 11 space mission Buzz returned to an awe inspired world who held him up high as a hero. He was ill prepared for this new lifestyle and superstar status. He found himself somewhere he had never trained for... the spotlight. He toured the world doing speaking engagements, burning bright, drinking and fighting depression. It became hell for Buzz. Something had to give. Buzz eventually blew like an exploding star. Our national treasure needed help. Buzz sought treatment.

Today you can order a "Buzz Aldrin" at most bars but the real deal is alcohol free living a full life happy joyous and free. Buzz is now a recovering alcoholic, 29 years sober and a proud member of a certain 12 step program. In fact, Buzz knows what worked for him and champions recovery programs for alcoholics. Buzz stated "I think recovery organisations are essential. I still participate in that because I enjoy the sharing that takes place and the friendship" in a 2001 interview with the BBC.

Buzz has found a new way of life in recovery. One of importance, gratitude and of purpose. Buzz openly speaks of how it use to be, what happened and what it is like now. He works a program of recovery. He is active in the program and hopes that he can be of service to others. Clean and Sober Not Dead is proud of Buzz Aldrin and is honored to recognize him as our Recovery Hero for February 2008.








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