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United States President George W. Bush

Whether you like him, hate him or could really care less there is one thing about this president that hits home with me. President Bush has admitted having a drinking problem, had been charged with DUI while visiting his parents in Maine and also supposedly passed out drunk watching a ball game.

There are reports of Bush running over trash cans and stealing christmas wreaths after knocking back a few too many beers. He is also accused of quiting flying because the National Guard was implementing random drug testing. All things that I as a gool ol' garden variety drunk can relate to.

President Bush has done many things to try to keep this from the public. As a political figure his opponents would capitalize on his poor choices and addictions. This happens way too much in politics no matter which side of the isle you are on. People should allow everyone to learn from their mistakes and grow as a result of.

In his position as a world leader it is amazing that he recently started speaking of his past alcohol abuse and addictions. The president told ABC News he quit drinking over 20 years ago -- cold turkey. "I had too much to drink one night, and the next day I didn't have any," Bush said. "The next day I decided to quit and I haven't had a drink since 1986." The president said his alcohol problem wasn't severe, but said he still had a hard time quitting.

Some people quit drinking in different ways. For me, I tried them all and only found relief when I went to Alcoholics Anonymous and did the 12 steps as had many before me. Some alcoholics might seek a Florida alcohol withdrawal treatment center to try to address their alcoholism while enjoying the tranquility of the calming ocean. Many people have sobered up in other ways than a 12 step program such as finding a power greater than themselves in church or just quitting cold turkey as President Bush did. I don't understand it but I do know God works in many ways and is not exclusive to AA.

What makes Preident Bush our "Recovery Hero of The Month" is that he openly talked about having an alcohol addiction. He even did a little 12 step work when he openly talked about his past struggles with addiction to a girl facing her own addictions. This is an amazing thing as a current sitting President. One that I applaud and think that could help many other people openly talk about their past in hopes to help the one still suffereing from alcoholism or addiction. Way to go George!

Click here to read President Bush's interview with ABC News about his addiction to alcohol. Click here or here to read more.

To President Bush:

President Bush, I don't care for your politics, your arrogant bullheaded ways or your pardon of cronies for breaking the law when the normal American goes to jail for much more menial things. In fact, I think you are the worst President in American history. I have heard many times that people consider you a "dry drunk" assuming that you never dealt with the issues that had you drinking in the first place as one does in a 12 step program such as AA. I don't know. I do know that it made me proud to see you as our President openly talking about your past addictions and talking openly to a little girl needing support with her addictions. You are in the last days of your presidency and have little to lose politically by being honest about your past alcohol and drug addictions. You could help so many and possibly get some new things started for those still suffering from these problems.

Maybe your recent open talks of addictions has opened a door for you to get more honest about your past addictions and alcohol problems. Maybe you could help more with alcoholism and drug addiction problems as an Ex-President of the United States of America. As the current President you are in the unique position to do things to help the alcoholic/addict that nobody else has or have ever had. Many people with no name recognition or political power has done great things to help others. Lets see what you can do. Maybe this could be your legacy. Lord knows you have flawed everything else all to hell, which is another thing I can relate to you about.

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