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Dave Harm - Recovery Author and Poet


"I'm Tired" by Dave Harm

Recovery author and poet Dave Harm followed his addictions to drugs and alcohol to lows that few make it out of alive. He hit bottom only to find a shovel and started digging. Dave was homeless and suicidal. Life was not good for him or anyone that loved him. Through a little court initiated guidance and a moment of clarity Dave found the courage and power to get real with himself. Dave got clean and sober. God not only showed him a new way to live life without drugs and alcohol but also revealed to him a purpose. A calling to touch others through his writings. Determined to be a man of action in recovery, Dave began to write. His first book Damaged Merchandise is an inspirational book of poems and short stories of what his life was like and what it is like now. His other book War Zone is the prequel to Damaged Merchandise. War Zone is related to most by those in recovery. It tells of Dave's frustrations during his first two years of sobriety. Dave is currently working on his third book. Dave Harm also has many poems and short stories. His material can be found at various websites including Authors Den and his own website Dave publishes a monthly newsletter. Just e-mail him and ask to be added to the list. Among many recognitions, Dave was bestowed with the title of United States Poetry Ambassador for 2006. Dave Harm is a living example what happens when we live a life of action and purpose. There is no telling where one will be led if we are just willing.

recovery author Dave Harm

Dave's new book has been published and is available now. Here is the press release dated Nov. 12, 2009.

PublishAmerica is proud to announce the recent release of David Harm's new book: Creating Dreams: From the Nightmares of Hell!

Here's what the author says about the book: Dreams of a childhood are filled with innocence and fantasy, unless that child lives in a dysfunctional home. Dave Harm was raised in a home with two alcoholic parents. His dreams were about survival and escape. This meant he would run away from the pain of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. First, Harm tried running away physically. When that no longer worked he ran away spiritually by burying his soul in alcohol and drugs. Overtime, all his methods to avoid pain failed. All that was left was the rage which was stored in him since childhood. His addictive behaviors led to altercations with the law, as well as suicide attempts. Harm's self-destruction cost him jobs, homes, family, and marriages. But through all the nightmares he still had dreams. And his dreams began to come alive when he surrendered to alcoholism.

We are offering you an opportunity to secure your personal copy of David Harm’s exceptional book today.  Please click here: to secure your copy of the book*, then click Add to Cart. For an introductory discount of 20%, use this coupon code: Discount20. We typically ship within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest in our author's wonderful achievement.

Have a great day!


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