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Lizie of Pittsburg and Randy of East Texas

Over the last few months I've had the pleasure of visiting with Lizzie and Randy here in our chat room. They are both 2 of the finest people I've had the opportunity of sharing an e-friendship with and getting to know. They are both from different places in the good ol' US of A but share a common thread with thousands of others from around the world. They are working at staying clean and sober today. Through successfully working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and doing what is suggested, like countless before them, they are both sober today.

Watching them strive to gain a new way of life through these simple steps has brought back memories of my own from when I was a newbie in the program. Lizzie is coming up on 90 days and Randy will have a year chip this year.

It is good to see how it works when U work it and they are both working it. From morning meetings before work to eating meetings and dances at their homegroup to have some fun in recovery. In our chat room they share their daily experiences whether having a good day or if having one of those days that you just need to tie a knot in the rope and hang on. I get inspired when Randy shows up all excited and posts about the great speaker meeting he went to tonight. I can also get emotional when Lizzie talks about her husband and the love and respect she has for him when she was acting up.

If you have a minute take the time to get to know these 2 people. Drop in and say "Hi". They both regularly can be found in our chat room here at Clean and Sober Not Dead .com . If you miss them they read previous chats just to make sure everyone is OK and to let them know that they are here if needed. Very inspirational watching as one alcoholic helps another. Offering support that we, us together - along with Gods help, are going to make it.

It is my pleasure to recognize both Lizzie and Randy as Clean and Sober Not Dead's Recovery Hero for the month of October 2007. Way to go guys. I'm very proud of you'll and am excited about you.

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